Phone Cover + Art = Social Action November 17, 2014 14:12

TAIGACTION was inspired by a chance encounter with a young man living in the remote fly-in community of Lac Brochet, Manitoba.  Donald Tssessaze Jr. sold me one of the beautiful drums he paints and sells to visitors.  He expressed frustration getting his art to market and asked if I would send him some beads upon return to Winnipeg. I almost choked when I went to the post office and learned how much it would cost to send a small package to Lac Brochet!  

It was a life-changing trip. As an educator I have lived in the North and know first hand the many challenges people face, but I had forgotten. Jobs are scarce and the Chief took me on a tour of the grocery store to show me the cost of staples that must be flown in at a very high price.  At the same time, while most residents still live off the land to some extent, the caribou are increasingly harder to find.  

The resource sector may bring jobs and investment, but I wanted to offer something different, and so I came up with the idea of making cell phone covers showcasing Donald Jr.'s art.  I wanted to test the potential of e-commerce in the North.  I wanted to invest in people like Donald. TAIGACTION was born as a way for the rest of us to take action and show our support with socially responsible shopping.  So thank you for visiting our website!  


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